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Xbox's Environmental Sustainability Profile and Analysis:

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Green Energy


Low Energy Impact
Environmental Policy/Packaging





Environmentally Sustainable Materials
Low Waste Impact
Low Materials Impact
Xbox has a Low Environmental Impact

Creating an eco-friendly gaming console is no easy task. Consoles use up a ridiculous amount of energy and are often created using environmentally-toxic materials. However, Xbox, a Microsoft owned product, has made it a goal to reduce its environmental impact. After days of researching even the smallest details of Xbox and their sustainability initiatives, we have concluded that it is the best gaming console for the environment, and here’s why:

Energy Use is Good for the Environment

Energy Use


Microsoft has the goal of reducing the xbox carbon footprint down to below zero by 2030.

Creating Energy Saving Capability

Xbox Gets Energy from Renewable Sources

Carbon Negative by 2030

Environmental Sustainability

Xbox One S Emits 200 kg CO2 less than Xbox One X (Newer)

Waste is not environmentally-toxic



Xbox is Committed to Using Eco-Friendly Materials

Environmental Sustainability

New Version of Xbox (X) Uses 2.6% Less Plastic (than S)

They Have a Restricted Substance List

Packing is 29% (S) to 31% (X) Recycled Content

Packaging Consists of Cardboard and   Foam

Envionmentally Friendly Materials



Xbox has the goal of producing zero waste by 2030.

They have Recycling Centers Across the Country

Free Recycling Programs

Data for much of this page comes from Microsoft.