Sonos' Environmental Sustainability Profile and Analysis:

Sonos' environmental profile has been verified by our expert environmentalists

Green Energy


Environmental Policy/Packaging


Environmenal Policy Score



Environmentally Sustainable Materials
Sonos Gree Waste
Environmentally Sustainable Materials Score
Sonos Environmental Sustainability Profile
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Sonos provides high quality products while committing to lower their environmental impact. Sonos is very transparent about their sustainability initiatives, and it is clear that they value the planet as much as we do.

Energy Use is Good for the Environment

Energy Use


Sonos Uses Clean Energy to Create their Products.

Sonos is 100% Carbon Neutral

Sonos Offsets 100% of Air-Travel Emissions

Waste is not environmentally-toxic



It is Clear that Sonos Does Everything they Can to Use Environmentally Sustainable Materials.

79% Sustainable Paper in Packaging

Environmental Sustainability

Sonos is Working to Replace Foam & Plastic with Paper

Use of 97% to 99% Recycled Paper

Resource Conservation in Offices

Reduced Foam and Plastic from Devices

Making Slim Products to Reduce Material Use

Envionmentally Friendly Materials



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Sonos Packaging Produces Little Waste

They have a Device Recycling Program

They Reduced Standby Electricity Waste by 21%

Environmentally Friendly Packaging



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Their Team is Committed to Reducing Environmental Impact

Continuing to Improve Sustainability Practices

They have a Hydropower Plant in China

Transparent with Sustainability Info

Use of Reusable Dishes in Offices

LEED Office in Seattle (Sustainable Practices)

Data for much of this page comes from Sonos.