Join the Environmental Revolution.

Join the Elk Shelf Team. Use Your Talent to Create a Greener Planet, One Purchase at a Time®

Awesome leadership roles for driven high school students. Join the team from anywhere in the US.


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Social Media Marketing

Help us use our socials to their capacities to drive visits to

Create Engaging Videos

The world of marketing is rapidly transforming to video. Help us be at the forefront.

Meet with our Business Partners

We're constantly partnering with eco-friendly businesses. Meet with them (virtually) to secure partnerships.

No previous experience is required.


Write & Create Eco-Profiles

Have a key role in providing visitors sustainability info. Write profiles & monitor user-generated data.

Write Engaging Blog Posts

Do you have a passion for writing? Write in our blog about the world of sustainability. Showcase your work.

Write About Our Partners

Create sustainability profiles, blog posts & emails about our business partners. Showcase sustainability in the world.

No previous experience is required.


Optimize User Experience & UI

Help us create a stunning and functional website by updating UI and UX through WiX.

Use WiX to Update

Use advanced WiX Corvid (drag-and-drop) to improve our site. No coding experience is required.

Work With our Partners

Work with our partners to allow them to use the most out of our site. Also, update their coupon data.

No previous experience is required. No previous WiX or coding knowledge is required.


Create Stunning Graphics

Have a passion for graphic design? Join our team and create images for ads, the blog, logos, and video edits

Edit Videos. Make them Superb

Use your talent to make our videos engaging. Edit, add effects, and  have a crucial role in our team.

Work with Our Marketing Team

As part of our graphics/editing team, you will have an important role in our marketing efforts. 

No previous experience is required.

Work that's so fun that it doesn't feel like work.
Leadership roles to brag about.
Play a pivotal role in creating a greener planet.
Be a climate-her0.
Join us. It takes like 2 minutes to apply.




Innovation & change starts with you.