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iPhone 12 Environmental Sustainability Profile and Analysis:

iPhone 12's environmental profile has been verified by our expert environmentalists

Iphone 12 uses mostly renewable energy.
iPhone 12 Packing has Low Environmental Impact
Iphone 12's materials have very low environmental impact

It seems like Apple has designed the iPhone 12 around environmental sustainability. It exceeds our standards in almost every category.

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98 White
Green Energy
iPhone 12 Lifetime Carbon Emissions Cycle (90,000 grams CO2 lifetime)

Over the course of your iPhone 12's lifetime, it will have emitted 90 kg of CO2 (on average).


iPhone 12 is Made to be Energy Efficient

iPhone 12 in Energy Efficient

Uses 53% Less Energy than Standard

iPhone 12 has energy consrvation software

iOS 14 has energy efficiency and battery conservation software

iPhone 12 is made with 100% Green/Renewble Energ

Made with 100% Renewable Energy



The iPhone 12's materials have a very low environmental impact
Green Materials

The iPhone 12 is Made up of Mostly Recycled Elements. However, the Use of Rare Earth Elements is Inevitable.

Recycled Materials

99% of the iPhone 12's Tungsten is Recycled

Recycled Materials

98% of Rare Earth Elements are Recycled

Recycled Materials

100% of Tin is Recycled

Recycled Mateials

iPhone 12 is Transitioning Away from Plastic

iPhone 12 has no Harmful Substances

iPhone 12 is Free of Harmful Substances



97 white
Environmentally Sustanable Packaging

iPhone 12 Has Frustration Free, Environmentally Conscious Packaging

Apple Green Packaging

Packaging Made up of Mostly Recycled Fiber 

Apple Plastic Use

Packaging has Low Plastic Use

Thank you to Apple for Making Data Easily Accessible. Data for much of this page comes from Apple.

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