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Invest in Series A

We're looking to raise $100,000 at $1m valuation

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71% of our harmful emissions come from just 100 companies. Before us, there was no data outlining which companies consumers should support. We generate comprehensive and accessible corporate ESG profiles to fill this gap.

We score companies on ESG using records from trustworthy, independent sources (federal energy reports, product end life reports, court records, etc.). We illuminate the truth behind corporate environmental responsibility.

We never sacrifice the accuracy of our ESG profiles for advertising. Companies pay to feature their profiles on our website. We offer a variety of services to our advertisers, including ads on our profiles, featured coupon codes to our users, and more.

In our 12 month beta, we’ve empowered 4,300+ consumers to make an estimated $200,000+ of sustainable purchases.

Our current process to formulate corporate responsibility scorecards involves tedious research from our team of 7. We have plans to automate our process with natural language processing AI—we need your funding to complete development. We'll turn your investment into a ESG search engine where thousands of companies can be featured.

Millions of American consumers demand a service like ours. We'll use your funding to increase our marketing efforts to reach more users craving recommendations for who to support. In turn, we'll our platforms will be more lucrative advertising opportunities for our partners.

Contact us to connect about investing.

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