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Apple's Environmental Sustainability Profile and Analysis:

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Apple's environmental profile has been verified by our expert environmentalists


Apple's Renewable Energy Score is 97/100


Apple's Environmental Policy Score is 98/100


Apple's Waste Score is 98/100


Apple's Environmental Friendly Materials Score is 82/100

On Apple's website for their sustainability initiatives, they say their plan is Planet-Sized. It's clear that sustainability is very important to them.


Apple's Sustainable Energy Score: 97/100
Green Energy
Chart of Apple's Renewable Energy Use

Every year since 2011, Apple has gotten more and more energy from renewable sources and used less and less fossil fuels

Pie Chart of Apple's Carbon Footprint - Where they Emmit Carbon

In 2019, Apple's Carbon Emissions were 25.1 Million Metric Tons of CO2. As the graph shows, most of the emissions comes from product manufacturing.

Chart of Apple's Carbon Emmissions (by year) and the Projected Path to New Zero Emmissions

Since Apple's peak for Carbon Emissions in 2015, the numbers have gone down. By 2030, with investments in sustainable energy and sustainable technology, Apple will be Emission-Free.


They are Committed to being Carbon Neutral by 2030.

Apple Invests Money in Renewable Energy

$300 Million invested in Renewable Energy

Apple Uses Renewable Enegy

Stores, Offices, and Data Centers 100% Powered by Renewable Energy

Apple Energy Efficiency

In 2019, Apple Made their Offices 18% more Energy Efficient

Apple Innovates Green Technologies

Apple Innovates 83% of their Sustainable Technology

Apple Emitted 25.1 Million Tons of Carbon in 2019

Apple Carbon Emmissions
Numbers (2).png

Apple Invests in Carbon Removal Technologies that Suck CO2 Out of the Air

Apple Carbon Removal

Estimated to Remove 1-2 Million Metric Tons of Carbon per year



Apple's Green Waste Score: 98/100
Environmentaly-Friendly Waste
Image of Apple Product Cycle

In an effort to get to zero net waste, Apple has created a model that shows how that will be achieved.


They are Committed to Producing Zero Waste for Landfills

Recycle Clip Art

In 2019, Apple Recycled 49,000 Metric Tons of e-Waste

iPhone Sutainability

iPhone 12 is made of 99% Recycled Materials

Apple Robot for Sustainability

Apple Created a Robot to Take Apart Apple Devices for Reuse



Apple's Sustainable Materials Score: 82/100
Green Materials
Charts of Apple's Plastic Use in their Packaging (2015, 2017, 2019)

Since 2015, Apple's packaging has gotten better the the environment every year. They have used less and less plastic and made use of more recycled materials.


Apple Has Frustration Free, Environmentally Conscious Packaging

Apple Green Packaging

Packaging Made up of Mostly Recycled Fiber 

Apple Plastic Use

Packaging Reduced from 21% Plastic to 8% in 4 Years

Above is the list of elements in the periodic table that Apple uses in their products.

Apple Periodic Table Elements

Apple Tries their Best to Use Environmentally-Friendly Materials and Chemicals. But, Some Harmful Materials Are Used

Apple Sustainable Meterial Selection

Apple Selects Materials (in part) Based on their Environmental Impacts

Apple Hazardou Chemicals

Apple Limits the Hazardous Chemicals in their Products. But, Some Are Still Used

Apple Uses Ore, whice Created Pollutants

Apple Uses Ore in their Products. The Extraction of Ore Creates Pollutants.



Apple's Environmental Policy Score: 98/100
Green Policy

Apple Uses their Vast Resources to Create Real, Environmental Change

Apple Green Policy

Apple Supports Green Policy

Apple Investment (money) in Sustainability

Apple Invests Hundreds of Millions o Dollars in Green Tech

Apple Hires Employees for Sustaiability

Apple Has Many Employees Hired to Tackle Climate Change

Find the ElkScores of your Apple Products

Thank you to Apple for Making Data Easily Accessible. Data for much of this page comes from Apple.

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