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The Elk Shelf Story

Our Mission:

Our mission is to inspire an environmentally and socially responsible world, one click, one search, and one purchase at a time.

Our Vision:

We inform consumers about company ESG practices so they can make informed decisions to support responsible brands.

Our Founders:

Our Values:

  1. Transparency: with, users can look beyond misleading marketing and turn to the facts. We always provide the whole truth and we’re confident in our sources, which include officially-reported energy documentation, international court records, health reports, and various other trustworthy sources. We will never compromise true transparency for the sake of profit; we utilize strict information verification processes, especially when it comes to our content about our sponsored partners, which will never be biased.

  2. Ethics: just as we hold corporations accountable, we are committed to operating under the highest of moral, ethical, and environmental standards, and those standards will be at the face of every one of our decisions and will never be compromised.

  3. Boldness: when it comes to the lives of real people and the health of the environment, the stakes are too high to not take bold action now. We will always celebrate positive, bold ethics.

  4. Everybody’s Inspiration: we are committed to always offering our services in a manner that can be easily accessed and understood by everyone.

We're hiring high school and university students.

Ryan Bookman:


"Hey! I'm Ryan! I love taking advantage of all that Utah has to offer, from skiing the powder every chance I have, to coaching mountain biking in the summers. To me, sustainability means protecting the planet so that the next generations can enjoy the same activities (like skiing and biking) that I love and appreciate. Contact me on LinkedIn to connect."

Rohit Singh:


"Hello, I'm Rohit! I love finding different ways to solve problems. This is why I love math and coding. I enjoy spending time outside doing activities such as biking. I also enjoy helping my friends and my community. To me, sustainability means giving back to nature so that it can thrive and keep providing for the Earth."

Next Steps:

Have some questions about us? Feel free to contact us to get those questions answered.

Are you a high school or university student? Are you interested in contributing towards environmental change? If so, Join Our Team! Change starts with you.

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